What Is a Cybersecurity Plan?

A cyber security plan is the backbone of any IT defense against threats and risks. Your organization's cyber security strategy, policy, procedures, and technologies will be covered in your cyber security plans.

Cybercriminals love to target small businesses. In reality, ransomware attacks forced over a quarter of small and medium-sized enterprises to shut down in 2017. According to recent data, around 60% of small and medium enterprises were forced to close due to a cyber-attack and never reopened.

A cybersecurity strategy consists of high-level plans for how a business will safeguard its assets and reduce cyber risk. Like the cybersecurity policy, the cybersecurity strategy should be a living, breathing document that adapts to the changing threat landscape and business environment. Cybersecurity strategies are often designed with a three to five-year horizon in mind, but they should be updated and evaluated as often as possible.

While cybersecurity rules are more detailed and thorough, cybersecurity plans serve as a roadmap for your firm's key stakeholders as the company and business environment change.

Cyber resiliency is one of the most important goals for any cybersecurity plan. Business executives must recognize that every company is different and requires a tailored plan to be resilient. No single cybersecurity strategy sufficiently addresses every business's needs, just as no single security product or vendor can eliminate all risks.

Your cybersecurity approach will require a mentality shift from reactive to proactive to reach the ultimate aim of resilience. Rather than focusing on responding to incidents, the most effective programs emphasize the necessity of cyber-attack prevention. On the other hand, any solid cybersecurity strategy puts you in a better position to respond to an assault. If your company is hacked, having a good strategy might differ between a minor incident and a huge one.

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