What Is a Cybersecurity Threat?

A cybersecurity threat is a harmful act that aims to harm data, steal data, or otherwise disrupt digital life. Computer viruses, data breaches, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are examples of cyber dangers.

A cyber threat is any attempt at gaining unauthorized access, damaging, disrupting, or stealing an information technology asset, computer network, intellectual property, or any other type of sensitive data. Trusted users within a company can pose a cyber threat, as can unknown parties from remote locations.

Following are some types of cybersecurity threats and where they come from.

Types of Threats

Cyber attacks can be in many forms and could have different intents. Malware is computer software that performs malicious actions on a device or network, such as damaging data or gaining control of a system. 

Spyware is a type of spyware that lurks on a device and sends real-time data to its host, allowing them to steal bank account numbers and passwords. In contrast, ransomware is software that prevents users from accessing a computer system or data unless they pay a ransom.

Phishing is when a cybercriminal tries to trick someone into giving up sensitive information such as personal information, banking, and credit card information, and passwords. Distributed denial of service attacks attempt to disrupt a computer network by flooding it with unnecessary requests; this causes the system to become overburdened and prevents legitimate requests from being performed.

Origin of Threats

Since there are many types of cyberattacks, the reason and the place they originate from differ. Generally, a zero-day attack is used by malicious attackers to gain unauthorized access to data. For a challenge or bragging rights, hackers may break into information systems.

Terrorist organizations are increasingly employing cyber-attacks to harm national interests. They are less skilled at cyber attacks and are less likely than nation-states to use cyber methods. 

Government-sponsored programs are becoming more sophisticated and advanced threat actors. These include propaganda, website defacement, espionage, damage of critical infrastructure, and even death.

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