What Is Cybersecurity Engineering?

For the protection of systems, networks, and data, cybersecurity engineers hardware, software, and security policies. To comprehend cyberspace, cyber engineers combine electrical engineering and computer science. They conduct cybersecurity activities and work on building hardware and software using skills learned in digital forensics, security policy, and network defense. "Cyber engineers build safe systems at the intersection of operational technology and information technology," explains Dr. Stan Napper, dean of the College of Science and Engineering at HBU and professor of Engineering.

Given that every small, medium and big organization is dealing with cybersecurity concerns, there is a global demand for 2 million cybersecurity workers. Students with a Cyber Engineering degree will be prepared to work in high-demand cyber engineering and cybersecurity roles in areas such as energy, healthcare, maritime transportation, and others. Any firm involved in critical infrastructure requires at least a few cyber engineers that are familiar with both the operational and information technology that applies to that enterprise.

Cyber security is a specialized discipline concerned with preventing cyber-attacks on computer networks and systems. These cyber-attacks attempt to gain access to, modify, or delete sensitive data, as well as extort money from individuals by obtaining their personal information. A cyber security engineer is entrusted with safeguarding computer networks by employing various layers of security to secure data.

Cyber security and cyber defense are critical in today's computerized world, when everything is available with a single touch of a finger. They are required to keep individuals and society functioning. In a world where cyber-crime is estimated to cost $6 trillion by 2021, the role of a cyber security engineer becomes even more important.

Cyber security has a bright future, especially in today's cyber-motivated world, where one organization gets infected with ransomware every 11 seconds, according to studies. Cybercrime and data breaches are a constant danger to businesses and governments, and as a result, cyber security experts have become an essential element of the workforce. Individuals that are technologically driven are in high demand for this position.

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